It’s been over 3 weeks on slow carb, which is doing it’s job. This means no random single beers on any given night. However, I’ve had a few beers on the one allowed cheat day per week.
I just miss that random beer.
Oh well.

So after about 5 months of being on a beer and food binge – which may or may have to do with me being currently unemployed (it definitely does) – I’ve seen my weight jump to an all time high (hello 200lbs +). I still hit the gym so it’s not as bad as it seems, but drinking a few IPA’s 3-5 times a week has taken its’ toll. In an attempt to thwart this move towards rotundness, I am beginning the Slow Carb Diet. I’ve only read good things and I’ve done a miniature version of it in the past with positive results, plus the fact that it demands an ‘anything goes’ cheat day makes it easier to commit to.

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Over 4 months later, still nothing.