It’s Saturday morning, just after 6. 

I want coffee.

Gets me thinking, do I want coffee because I’m awake or am I awake because I want coffee?

Work Fridays

I’m watching Seinfeld and just realized this show was on 25 years ago. 

In other news I am 83 years old. 

Traffic has been increasingly worse on my drive into work lately and it always gives me some clarity about things and some time for a good old rant, which I always enjoy :

I’m in a big rush to run to a job where no one cares if I’m on time or an hour late to do nothing of real importance but to collect a check so I can pay for a home to live in when I’m not working and so I can consume products that are basically completely useless to me other than providing a distraction from what my stupid little existence means : NOTHING!

Carry on…

Went to @panerabread today for lunch and holy shit what a travesty. The food was bland, place was annoyingly crowded and it was a ripoff.
I won’t be going back.