It really makes little sense, but the moments I’m feeling most ambitious and motivated couldn’t come at odder times. One is usually right after laying in bed for the night, my mind races with ideas for the next day with plans to be ultra productive.   However, this can all be thwarted quickly by having a crappy night of sleep. 

Coming off a hangover also leads me to start thinking this way.   It doesn’t have to be a major hangover,  but just enough to park me on my ass for a few hours.  As I begin to come out of it I tend to start thinking of doing and trying news ideas for my life or look try certain projects. 

I guess both scenarios that lead to this mindset are similar.  One in the sense of waking up and feeling good, other after some solid relaxation and physically feeling better again.  

Sadly outside forces can quickly squash there ambitions I have come morning or post hsngover.  My wife may have plans for us, the weather can always play a roll, or I’m simply distracted by the internet or sports or going out for breakfast.  To tell the truth I essentially need a perfect scenario to turn those thoughts before sleep into action the next morning.  

It’s very rare that I achieve that scenario.      

Doesn’t mean I don’t hope for it to happen. 

9/15/17 @ 11:01 pm